New definition of portable fan
Commercial portable fans have large wings, making them difficult to carry in a bag or in pockets. The twin fan employs two micro fans with half the thickness of the former products. Thus, users can easily carry it inside bags or pockets, and the wind’s power stays the same as that of the former fans.
The inside of the stroller is even stuffier in hot weather. The Twin Fan can be installed in the stroller using a Smartphone cradle.
In hot weather, the bag becomes lighter. For those who prefer lighter bags to heavy ones, portable fans can become a burden. 
It takes a long time to cool down the car in the summer. The Twin Fan can be installed on the air vent using a phone cradle, quickly sending a cool breeze into the backseat.
Ergonomic Design
With a width of 58mm and a thickness of 21mm, it fits comfortably in one hand. The button is located just where the thumb can comfortably rest, and the rounded bottom offers a stable grip.
Smooth and Strong Design
The design of the Twin Fan presents a strong, yet soft impression via the combination of the roundness and the edge. The handle and the overall look emphasize the roundness, giving softness, while the grill pattern highlights the edge, providing a strong look.
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