Sewoon Voice
The concept of the design was inspired by the story told by Ryu Jae-yong Audio Master. I wanted to include the architectural style of Sewoon Plaza, which was originally planned as a residential space, and the appearance of Sewoon Plaza, which is not extinguished during the past manufacturing revival. I wanted to make speaker design, which combines the past, present, and future of the product with the role of a medium.
In the architectural style of the erected mall, linear elements, protrusions, asymmetries and overlaps are expressed in the overall formative language. We designed a tube speaker that conveys futuristic images through acrylic materials and reflects the past, present and future with current trend colors and modern designs.
Across / Retro / Complicated / Straight / Magnificent
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    250 Design, Knob

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    Product design, Mock-up, Internal design, Electronic circuit