This product is a chair that can be moved according to various movements of the user. It has an axis that can rotate 360 degrees with an inclination of about 5 degrees from the floor, helping users who sit for long periods of time working or learning to move and posture naturally. In addition, both sides of the seat plate are made in a shape that holds the hips so that the movement can receive power naturally, so you can stably tilt it with force. The wave spring attached to the chair’s leg naturally tilts with a 5 degree inclination when applied force, but normally it stands in a vertical direction.

It is the same as a normal chair when you sit and use it normally, but if you twist your back or change your posture, it will tilt at various angles according to that direction. And this non-wheeled chair is designed to stop moving when tilted.
This chair is mainly for users who use the chair in a small space, and it is a chair that can receive various body movements when sitting than the mobility of the chair. That’s why users can sit comfortably and comfortably for long periods of time with this chair that can hold various positions in a small space.