Ro Lamp is an aroma diffuser lamp and you can choose an orange light resembling sunlight or a while light resembling moonlight by using the on/off button.

When using the lamp, drop the aroma oil and scent on the aroma plate located at the upper part of the light then once the heat of the bulb warms the ceramic plate, the aroma oil will be diffused effectively.

Ro Lamp uses Dual bulb to emit daylight color (white light) and Dual bulb color (orange light) with the on/off button, depending on your preference.

Generally, aroma diffusers cannot be used during humid days or in places with high humidity because the closed space becomes condensed with high level of humidity. As for candle warmers, they can cause harm to children if touched. However, the Ro lamp enables aroma to diffuse in a wider scope through the warmth of ceramic plates and LED bulbs. Also, the lighting shade is made of silicon to eliminate risks of shattering and dangers to children.


Overall, Ro lamp, with its round-shape, provides the users with warm images and it has lighting characteristics which are compatible to the surrounding environment. Further, the soft lighting can help decorate the home atmosphere while decreasing the sense of fatigue because the light is not directed to your eyes.


The lighting has two colors and it can be changed through the On/Off switch. You can alternate between daylight blue lighting that revitalizes your sense of fatigue and light bulb lighting that creates a cozy home atmosphere depending on the situation and your mood.


1. Silicon

Because this product is made of thermostable and harmless silicon materials, it is resistant to the heat from the lighting and lasts for a long time due to its sturdy property. In addition, even if your children comes in contact with this product, the temperature from the product is not hot enough to cause harm to your children and in turn, it keeps your children safe from danger.

2. Ceramic

“Ro Plate,” made of harmless dirt and processed at 800?, helps maintain the aroma oil and increase fragrance range of diffusion through the heat from the lighting.

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