The sterilizer with a silicone cover can hold a razor or toothbrush in the cross-shaped hole. Because the material is flexible, the sterilizer inlet is pushed in so that the shaver or toothbrush can be secured. When you put your toothbrush or razor in the sterilizer, the UV LEDs automatically turn on and dry the moisture through PTC.
And the cradle can be fixed to the wall or floor through the suction plate. There is an iron plate inside the cradle, which can be attached to the cradle with a magnet inside the sterilizer.
When the sterilizer is fixed to the wall, the product can be attached upside down to allow the water to fall down or to stand up.
The interior is made of stainless steel, which reflects UV LED light to sterilize the toothbrush or shaver at various angles. And through the PTC in the lower part of the stainless steel can transfer the heat inside.
And only the sterilizer can be carried separately, so it can be used in the company or outside.