250 Design | 2 Way Electric Fan
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2 Way Electric Fan

Bi-Directional Fan

Unlike other fans, this fan blows wind in both directions.
Traditional fans only rotate 180 degrees, so they only blow cool air towards the front.
However, the wind from this fan is exhausted in both directions and it allows cool air to be delivered 360 degrees around.
Additionally, the fan is adjustable upwards and downwards, allowing cool air to be blown in any direction.
For example, the fan can simultaneously blow wind to two people, one sitting on a sofa and the other on the floor.
Moreover, in places such as offices or other workplaces where two fans are needed to blow cool air in two opposite directions, it would only take one of these fans to do the job.
Also, one motor rotates two fans and each fan has blades set at different degrees.
This results in one more energy-efficient fan instead of using two traditional fans.The anterior blade of this fan is twisted together to the posterior blade.
The structure is designed to consume air into the interconnected part of the blades and the consumed air is exhausted in both directions.